In these videos, people with disabilities share their varied journeys to successful lives. Each person has championed Independent Living (*).

  • If you have a new disability, or if you want to better understand people with disabilities, you can learn from these interviews.
  • If you have had a disability for awhile, you may recognize yourself in one of the stories.
  • You can learn about the Disability Rights Movement from advocates with disabilities.

At the heart of most of these stories is the Disability Rights Movement. Even more than 25 years after the Americans with Disability Act was passed, we see services and accommodations, that are the rights of every person regardless of age or disability, being taken away, threatened or never implemented. People with disabilities do not yet have full access to society in the U.S. But thanks to many activists, including some interviewed here, people with disabilities can live full, independent lives in the community of their choice.

MA Tales of Independence shares the video stories of individuals with disabilities who live in Massachusetts. Many remember the times before the ADA was passed, some worked to get it passed and others were born after 1990. Each video star has been active in the fight to improve access, services and civil rights for people with disabilities.

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Video Stories

No two stories are the same – the roads to independence are as different as each person’s personality. None of the roads have been easy, but every person who shared their personal story has created an independent and fulfilling life.

We celebrate their lives, their efforts and their achievements with the certainty that living independently is a worthwhile goal and a basic right for everyone.

Closed Captions

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(*) Independent Living: People with disabilities deserve equal opportunities to decide how to live, work, and take part in their communities. Independent Living means making the choice to live as independently as possible.